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New group to help Arabic speakers

It can be difficult to become part of a community if you don't know much about its culture or language. That's what Sura Mashat, who came to Sweden seven years ago, thinks.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 13 augusti 2020
Sura Mashat has started a branch of Riksförbundet Mosaik in Kristianstad.
Sura Mashat has started a branch of Riksförbundet Mosaik in Kristianstad.Foto: Daniel Persson

Now she has started a local branch of Riksförbundet Mosaik. Her aim is to help speakers of Arabic to find a way into the Swedish community.

– We want to make our contribution to society in Sweden, she says.

About twenty people turned up at the group's first meeting.Sura Mashat is full of plans for the future.

– We've planned lots of activities. Support for women, help in finding a job, sports activities.....

Sura Mashat works at the town library. She thinks she is integrated i Kristianstad today. But it took a while before she found friends and learned how the Swedish community functions.

– It wasn't easy to start with, I didn't feel accepted. But then I made friends with some Swedes and it became easier to be integrated, she says.

If you are interested in helping, you can get in touch with the group on their homepage, rfmosaik.se.

– Everyone is most welcome. Our focus is on the community, not on any religion or politics.

Daniel Persson
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