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New CEO for Sparbanken Skåne

Next year Bo Bengtsson will leave his post as CEO for Sparbanken Skåne. His successor has now been appointed.
Rasmus Roos, age 42, will be Sparbanken Skåne’s new CEO as from March 2021. For the present he will take over as vice-CEO.
Foto: Rosie Alm

Sparbanken’s board of directors has appointed Rasmus Roos as the bank’s next CEO. He takes up his duties on 29th March next year, according to a press announcement from Sparbanken. It is planned for Bo Bengtsson, the present CEO, to take over as new chairman of the board of directors of the bank at the annual general meeting in 2021.

Bo Bengtsson, CEO Sparbanken Skåne.
Foto: Bosse Nilsson

Bo Bengtsson has been CEO since several Sparbanks were amalgamated to become Sparbanken Skåne in 2014.

Bertil Engström is chairman of the board. He will step down at the AGM in 2021.

Rasmus Roos lives in Eslöv. He studied industrial economy at Kristianstad Högskola and has a Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Lund.

Rasmus Roos has worked in Sparbanken Skåne, Sparbanken Öresund and Sparbanken Finn since 2005. Since 2015 he is head of the bank in Lund.