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Mushroom-pickers found cannabis plants

Their eyes were concentrated on finding yellow chanterelle mushrooms. Then the mushroom-pickers suddenly caught sight of a patch of what looked like a narcotic plant. A report has been made to the police about suspected narcotics cultivation in the woods outside Hanaskog.
Two plants were thriving, an animal had eaten the third.
Foto: privat

It looks as if someone is growing cannabis. At the moment the police have no suspects, but they have started an investigation.

It was strange, not what you'd expect

Kristianstadsbladet has spoken to the person in Göinge who found the plants.

– I was just out to pick chanterelles at my secret place. Then I saw this. And it was strange, not what you'd expect. But all the same, if mushrooms can grow there, so can other things - as you can see.

Cannabis plants in the woods outside Hanaskog.
Foto: privat

There were about ten pails altogether for growing plants.

– Apparently it's not so unusual hereabouts, I've been told.

The person from Göinge found something else too - a litre of chanterelles.