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Murhaf is breaking all records – Mayflower sales went viral

This year's Mayflower sales didn't start off that well for Murhaf, and then suddenly everything changed.
He has been living a dream for the past few days and breaking record after record selling Mayflowers.
His sales have gone viral and he is now up to 3.2 million crowns.
Glimåkra • Publicerad 27 april 2023
Murhaf Hamid
Murhaf HamidFoto: Simon Rehnström

Murhaf Hamid, who will soon turn 12, was born in Sweden and is an asylum seeker. He lives with his mother and two siblings in Glimåkra. He also wanted to join in when his class was going to sell Mayflowers. However, sales were slow the first few days and he only sold a few Mayflowers.

The other children who had relatives and knew people in the village had better luck. In addition to that, Murhaf also had to deal with some angry adults and was driven away while selling Mayflowers outside the village shop. He felt sad and hopeless.

A friend of the family, Leila Orahman and her colleague Foade Daoud, who work with adult education at Ibn Rushd – a study association, supported him by spreading information and sharing his online Mayflower shop on social media. It blew up overnight and sales snowballed. The shares on social media had a great impact.

None of them understood that it would become so huge; they were completely stunned and could hardly believe it was true when they discovered how much their post had been shared on social media.

- I was shocked and worried that it was a scam and a fake. I did not believe it until today, says Murhaf, who would like to buy a residence permit more than anything else.

Foade Daoud stöttar familjen.
Foade Daoud stöttar familjen.Foto: Simon Rehnström

A major part of the Mayflower proceeds will benefit children from families who are experiencing financial difficulties and who live in the Mayflower committee’s local area. That is, Glimåkra-Broby.

Murhaf will also receive a commission on his sales (ten per cent) which will be far more than usual. In addition, there is an opportunity for those buying Mayflowers to tip the seller, and that amount is now up to 112,000 crowns.

There was so much traffic on the site on Tuesday that it crashed. But it is still possible to buy Mayflowers from Murhaf.

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