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Municipality has given 700,000 crowns to associations that say yes to "halal sex"

Shia Muslim associations in Kristianstad think it’s okay to arrange so-called pleasure marriages – an arrangement that may be a crime according to the Swedish law prohibiting the purchase of sexual services.
The imams from both congregations sit on the municipality's Interfaith Council as well as the Integration Council.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 19 maj 2022
Kommunfullmäktige KristianstadLena Olsson, M, Moderaterna
Kommunfullmäktige KristianstadLena Olsson, M, ModeraternaFoto: Mikael Persson

On 11 May, "Uppdrag Granskning”, an investigative journalism show on SVT, revealed that several Swedish Shia Muslim associations may consider conducting so-called "pleasure marriages" for a fee.

The marriage enables Muslim men to have casual sex, without committing "haram” – that is, committing a forbidden act, according to jurisprudence.

Kommunfullmäktige KristianstadLena Olsson, moderaterna, ordförande i valberedningen
Kommunfullmäktige KristianstadLena Olsson, moderaterna, ordförande i valberedningenFoto: Mikael Persson

Uppdrag Granskning asked several Shia Muslim associations if they would consider conducting "pleasure marriages". Two of the associations are located in Kristianstad.

One of them however, the Al-Hadi Cultural Association, answered both yes and no. Two different representatives were asked.

The other association, Alwehde, answered yes.

Both associations receive funding from Kristianstad municipality. The Alwehde association has received help with their rent from the Culture and Leisure Committee for several years. The rent allowance for 2020 was 29,610 crowns. The association has also received activity support from the municipality every year since 2006.

Lena Ohlsson (M), Chair of the Culture and Leisure Committee, has taken note of which grants have been paid out and during which periods, but says that she actually has no knowledge of the two local Shia Muslim associations.

– I have no idea where they operate from. The administration handles the payments, she explains.

– If you receive participation allowance, the grant must facilitate activities for children and youth between the ages of 7 and 20 years. And the associations must then register their participants and activities themselves. The the payments are then made, says Lena Ohlsson (M).

Radovan Javurek (L), is Chairman of the Integration Council and the Interfaith Council. He is also Chairman of the Work and Welfare Committee.

He thinks it's good that Uppdrag Granskning carried out the investigation.

– Independent media has done its job, found something that takes place in a closed system, something that is hidden from the rest of society, he says.

The two Shia Muslim associations in Kristianstad that have been identified as willing to conduct pleasure marriages have participated in the Interfaith Council meetings.

– These associations have participated, but not entirely. The Integration Council has been around longer and funding from the municipality is passes through there.

Radovan Javurek will now write a letter to the two associations with questions concerning their stance on so-called "pleasure marriages".

– We will probably send a letter asking questions. How do they explain this, how does it work, what position does the association have to this? Is it individuals who answered or is it the association that treats this as a matter of course?

Would you consider excluding any parties from these councils?

– I do not want to get into that. It’s going too fast and we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It is a forum for dialogue, especially the interfaith council.

Sigrid NurboSkicka e-post
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