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Moira Uggla: Moira Uggla: The community must stick together - that's why Kb Mosaik comes out in several languages

There are more things that unite people than divide them from one another. Kb Mosaik's purpose is to help show that we are fundamentally all the same, although we may have different backgrounds.
Moira Uggla
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 oktober 2022
Detta är en personligt skriven text i Mosaik Kristianstadsbladet. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.
Moira Uggla, översättare, krönikör mm Kb Mosaik
Moira Uggla, översättare, krönikör mm Kb MosaikFoto: Victor Lindstammer

Now it's October, and time for something that has become popular in recent years. October used to be a month when nothing much happened, it got colder and darker, everything slowed down in preparation for winter.

But now even the youngest child can tell you that it will soon be Halloween, All Saints' Eve.. This has admittedly been celebrated in Sweden throughout the years, but in a different form. Here it is serious, a time to lay a wreath and light a candle at the family grave But further west there are different associations.

All Saints' Day is on 1st November, and that is when the good spirits reign. But on the evening before, 31st October - that's when the evil spirits take the chance to create a bit of chaos in as many ways as they can. This according to Celtic beliefs, in Ireland and in Scotland. And what do you do when dangers lurk around?

Of course you have to ensure your safety, and how better than with plenty of light, noise and anything else to make a disturbance. You can make lanterns from hollowed-out turnips with magic symbols carved into the skin, you can go round the neighbours, singing to scare off any ghosts, you can play tricks if you get the chance ....... I'd better not tell you what my cousins and I got up to!

Now Halloween has come back to Europe after having emigrated from Ireland and Scotland to USA, where it has become a commercial festival almost on the scale of Christmas. And chìldren have learnt to say 'Trick or treat?' - which is far from the (rather) innocent pranks of days gone by.

Kb Mosaik: Shawana Badat, Moira Uggla, Sofyan Aswad och Inga-Lill Bengtsson
Kb Mosaik: Shawana Badat, Moira Uggla, Sofyan Aswad och Inga-Lill BengtssonFoto: Privat

In this issue you can read about the witness who tells of the last moments of the young man who was shot and killed at Näsby. 'I heard him shout his last words'. Read more on pages 6-8. On pages 4-5 you can read about the new swimming-baths in Kristianstad, the results of the elections and what people here think about proposals to move the university, and where they would like it to be situated.

Inga-Lill och Muhammed ute på Gamlegården inför lanseringen av Kb Mosaik
Inga-Lill och Muhammed ute på Gamlegården inför lanseringen av Kb MosaikFoto: Peter Åklundh

The community must stick together.That is why Kb Mosaik comes out in several languages, so that newcomers to Sweden can read about how the community functions, and understand that a democracy rests on both freedom and responsibility.

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Take care of one another.