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Manager hired sons – being investigated for conflict of interest

A manager within the municipality is being investigated for conflict of interest. The decision was taken by Kenth Olsson, Head of Education after it was revealed that the manager employed her own sons.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 12 maj 2021
Kenth Olsson, Head of Education, Kristianstad.
Kenth Olsson, Head of Education, Kristianstad.

– The inquiry into conflict of interest will investigate whether the behaviour is in line with current legislation and with the municipality's policy and guidelines, says Kenth Olsson.

The manager works in the school area East. In recent years, she has employed her own sons to work in the school area. It concerns hourly employment and summer work on various occasions since 2011.

She has signed the proof of employment, even though it’s her own children. She has also signed off on the number of hours they worked (time sheets) which formed the basis for the salary.

In addition, the manager has also signed as supervisor.

”We will try to handle this as quickly as possible”
Kenth Olsson, Head of Education

The eldest son, who worked a total of 251 hours in the school area, no longer works there.

But the younger son has worked a total of around 1,600 hours in the school area. Since October 2020, he has been working there full-time.

Kristianstadsbladet has also reported that the manager has ordered goods worth 165,000 crowns from a company where her brother holds an important role.

When do you think the investigation will be completed?

– We will try to handle this as quickly as possible, Kenth Olsson answers.


Conflict of interest according to Sweden’s Local Government Act

An employee is in conflict of interest:

The case concerns him or herself, or his or her spouse, cohabitant, parent, child or sibling or any other related party, or whether the outcome of the case can be expected to bring particular benefit, or harm to the employee himself, or someone related (conflict of interest types: interested party, kinship, and personal interest).

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