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Libraries to open earlier

Previously, the libraries in Kristianstad municipality have said that they will be closed until January 24th. Now a new decision has been made regarding the town library and Gamlegården.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 januari 2021
bibliotek, kristianstad
bibliotek, kristianstadFoto: Tommy Svensson

In December, the decision was made that all the libraries in the country would be completely closed to reduce the spread of infection. This received harsh criticism, which also led to the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) changing its recommendation.

– By law, libraries must be accessible to everyone, so after the recommendation was changed, several libraries have already reopened. In Kristianstad, we also started discussing whether we could open earlier, says the Library Manager in Kristianstad, Magdalena Jeppson.

The town library and Gamlegården's library will open on Tuesday, January 12th, albeit with limited service.

”Guards will be on-site next week in both places to increase security and ensure that people keep a distance”
Magdalena Jeppson
Magdalena Jeppson, bibliotekschef i Kristianstad.
Magdalena Jeppson, bibliotekschef i Kristianstad.Foto: Tommy Svensson

– We believe that the need is greatest at these two libraries, especially in terms of our computers and copiers, says Magdalena Jeppson.

At the two libraries that will open, you can only make short visits to borrow or pick-up books. There will not be any places to sit or study.

– Guards will be on-site next week in both places to increase security and ensure that people keep a distance, says Magdalena Jeppson.

The maximum number of visitors at the same time is 50 people. But the municipality's other libraries are still closed to visitors.

All libraries are closed on weekends.

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