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Laban 15: ”I've always wanted to be Lucia”

Eight candidates are training for Vinslöv’s Lucia coronation and celebration. One of them is Laban Börjlind, 15. He is the only guy in the group.
”I don’t think it makes that much difference”, he says.
Publicerad 25 november 2021 • Uppdaterad 15 december 2021
Fjolårets lucia Emmy Persson hänger halsbanden runt tärnornas halsar. Laban Börjlind är en av dem som får det vackra smycket med vinslövsstjärnan som berlock.
Fjolårets lucia Emmy Persson hänger halsbanden runt tärnornas halsar. Laban Börjlind är en av dem som får det vackra smycket med vinslövsstjärnan som berlock.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

It is the first time Laban competes to become Lucia. He has wanted to do this for a long time.

– I’ve always wanted to be Lucia, he says.

The competitors are practicing Lucia songs once a week. Only one of the candidates kan become Lucia. The others will participate and sing in the villages official Lucia train.

One of eight who can become Vinslövs Lucia.
One of eight who can become Vinslövs Lucia.

Why is it fun to be Lucia?

– That one has the opportunity to sing.

Britt-Marie Kaldéus Gustavsson has been arranging Lucia trains in Vinslöv for 21 years. That a guy has applied to become Vinslöv’s Lucia raises thoughts, she thinks.

– Maybe it is refreshening for some. In town today I heard that we have to learn to rethink and in new ways. The society has changed and we can’t think too rigidly.

Vinslöv’s Lucia in 2016, Ebba Lesniak.
Vinslöv’s Lucia in 2016, Ebba Lesniak.Foto: Jörgen Johansson

Why we celebrate Lucia

In Sweden we celebrate Lucia on 13th December with Lucia processions that brighten up the darkness with lighted candles and singing.

Lucia is celebrated to commemorate Saint Lucia. She was a young Christian woman from Syracuse in Italy who died in 304 AD. She probably died during the Roman emperor's persecution of Christians. The name Lucia comes from the Latin word ”lux”, which means ”light”.

In the Middle Ages Lucia marked the beginning of the period of fasting that went on until Christmas. So a lot was eaten during the night before Lucia day. Later, in the 17th century, the custom of the young girl dressed in white and carrying a candle evolved.

Here yo can read more

– At the same time I know that some will be appalled that there is a boy together with with these seven girls, she says.

It’s the first time a guy wants to become Vinslöv’s Lucia.

– We have spoken to him, the Lucia group and the parents, so that everybody is in agreement and feel confident with this.

Britt-Marie Kaldéus Gustavsson thinks that many think of Lucia as a girl.

– The original Lucia in Italy was in fact a woman. But to spread the light and to spread warmth, is something that a guy can do too, naturally. It is only that, that we are not used to it.

Anyone who wants to vote for any of the candidates can do so at Lansi and at ICA in Vinslöv, at the latest by the 29th of November.

The coronation will be on the 4th of December in Furutorpshallen, at 4pm.

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