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Kristianstad – one of the least expensive towns to live in

Living in Kristianstad is less expensive than in many other municipalities. People who live there have more left of their income once they have paid for their housing, as shown in the Swedbank and Sparbankerna latest cost of living index.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 8 september 2021
New homes in Hammar.
New homes in Hammar.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

In Sweden as a whole households spend an average of 27 per cent of their income on housing. This is the lowest figure since 2017, as shown in the latest housing index which appeared on Wednesday.

”Skåne is an expansive region. So Kristianstad can attract people”
Anders Hansson, private economic advisor

In Kristianstad the proportion is even lower, for certain groups. Taking into account both housing costs and incomes Kristianstad is one of the municipalities in Sweden where households spend the smallest proportion of their income on housing. This can be seen in the Swedbank and Sparbankarna cost of living index for the second quarter of this year.

Foto: Sparbanken Skåne

– Skåne is an expansive region. So Kristianstad can attract people. You don't have to live where you work, nowadays you can even work at home. With good communications you have optimal conditions for commuting, says Anders Hansson, private economic advisor at Sparbanken Skåne.


This is the housing cost index

Purpose: Measures the purchasing power of households when buying small houses and co-operative apartments.

How: Balances the households' incomes and expenses , which results in an index, in which 100 means that 30 per cent of the expendable income goes to housing costs. Over 100 means that less that 30 per cent goes to housing costs, under 30 per cent that the proportion is higher than 30 per cent.

Where: In the three biggest urban regions Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, in municipalities with over 75,000 inhabitants as a group and in other municipalities as a group. The 40 biggest municipalities in the country are also measured separately.

When: Once every quarter. Has been issued since 2000.

Source: Swedbank Boindex, 2nd quarter 2021

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