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In Hässleholm accounts can be paid in instalments - but not indefinitely postponed.

Higher prices for electricity, rising interest rates and soaring prices for food are a hard blow for a lot of people.
It is possible to pay what is due to the municipality for things such as child care and care of the elderly in instalments - but there is no question of postponing payment indefinitely.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 21 februari 2023 • Uppdaterad 23 februari 2023
Hässleholms kommun ska tydligare informera om möjligheten att delbetala räkningar för sådant som fritidsverksamhet och hemtjänst.
Hässleholms kommun ska tydligare informera om möjligheten att delbetala räkningar för sådant som fritidsverksamhet och hemtjänst.Foto: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Anna Wallentheim (S) thinks that information about what applies today is not adequate.During the municipal council meeting she pointed out the economic problems facing many people and asked the ruling majority if they intended to inform the public about what possibilities Hässleholm municipality in fact offers.

The reply from the council's chairman Hanna Nilsson (SD) was quick and concise. Better information to people in the municipality is on the way.

Hanna Nilsson (SD).
Hanna Nilsson (SD).Foto: Simon Rehnström

She develops her thoughts for Kb/NSk:

– If you have problems in paying your accounts to the municipality, you can already split up payments. We are planning to have a short information text about this on the accounts we send out. We're not sure that it is possible to do so, but we´re going to look into it, she says.

In Kristianstad municipality the ruling majority is considering whether to do as S has demanded, and allow all who need to, to postpone paying their accounts completely until a later date. In Lund, among other places, it has been decided to give the people in the municipality who want to postpone paying their accounts, a three-month respite for services such as nursery schools, after-school leisure centres, home care, and retirement homes.

This is not being considered in Hässleholm.

– We intend to offer them the alternative that is already available, to pay in instalments. If we get signals that this is not enough, we'll have a new discussion then, says Hanna Nilsson (SD).

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