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Friend: "He was kind-hearted and warm to everyone"

A man was homeless for several years. Last week he sought warmth in a bus shelter. But after a few nights, his body finally gave up.
Many Kristianstad residents have honoured him during the week. They laid flowers and lit candles.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 17 mars 2021
A homeless man died in a bus shelter last week.
A homeless man died in a bus shelter last week.Foto: Privat

In a bus shelter near the Central Station in Kristianstad, many people have laid flowers, lit candles and written small notes to show their appreciation for Paul. His passing has sparked a lot of interest on social media. Many have shared their memories of him.

One of those who knew him well is Lars Svensson. He tells of a friendship for 35 years. He remembers him as a young man, that he was a fashionista with the trendiest clothes and the coolest hairstyles.

– I've known him since we were young. We had mutual friends and did many crazy things together. Since then, we have followed each other all our lives and been there for each other.

”The sun didn’t shine every day, but it didn’t bother him”
Lars Svensson

He talks about how he, Paul and a third friend used to go to concerts together. One of the favourites was Ulf Lundell. He thinks the song "Three Brothers" described their friendship.

Lars Svensson used to look for his friend in town and talk to him, offer a cup of coffee and something hot to eat. Paul's death has hit him hard.

– The sun didn’t shine every day, but it didn’t bother him. He was one of the kindest people I knew. He was kind-hearted and warm to everyone.

Jennie Oskarsson works closely with the association "Föreningen Hoppets Hand" (Hand of Hope) which serves food to the homeless and needy every day. She met Paul several times. He received help with clothes, blankets and food.

– He was a very happy, charming person. His positive outlook, despite his homelessness, will be missed. He had a great sense of humour actually; there wasn’t much he looked at negatively.


How you can help the homeless

If you meet a homeless person who may need help, you can talk to the person about who they are in contact with. You can ask what kind of help they are receiving.

- If the homeless person has such people around them, it’s best to contact them directly, says Ann Gistner, Social Secretary at the reception for Financial Assistance at the Administration for Work and Welfare

The reception for Financial Assistance can be reached on 044-13 55 59, but only on weekdays and during telephone hours from 9.30 am -11.30 am.

During the weekends and evenings, you can call Social Services via the Rescue Service (Räddningstjänsten) on 044-20 04 00.

- They are able to talk to the person if they need money or housing. Most homeless people know that there is a homeless shelter and a night shelter where they can sleep and warm-up, says Ann Gistner.

You can also get in touch with the police. They’re in contact with the Administration for Work and Welfare

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