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Fires cause concern – public warned to be on the alert

On the last weekend in October there were fires in a refuse-room and a carport in Sibbhult where several cars were parked. But thanks to a quick response from the emergency services the cars were more or less undamaged.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 9 november 2021
A fire started in the refuse-room.
A fire started in the refuse-room.Foto: Mikael Persson

On Monday 1st November another fire started in the same place in the same refuse-room. The fire was soon put out. The police have made a report on damage.

– As a fireman you think of what could have happened if we hadn't been able to get the fire under control. 25 yards away there was a dwelling-house and a block of flats.

– The worst thing that can happen is that people get hurt, says one of the firemen.

Because there have been so many fires recently in Östra Göinge, the emergency services warn everyone to be extra observant and if they see anything suspicious they should contact the police.

Marie-Louise LindellSkicka e-post
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