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Fire on balcony in block of flats

Emergency services were called out in the early hours of Friday morning to a fire in a flat on Näsbychaussée in Kristianstad.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 18 juni 2021
Stock image.
Stock image.Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police and an ambulance were also summoned. When the emergency services arrived there was a fire on the balcony of one of the flats. Smoke from the fire spread into the flat, and out on to the stairs.

”We don't know how the fire started.”
Peter Frostlund, who is leading the preliminary police enquiry

By 01:30 am the fire had been put out.

Work continued to clear the flat and the stairs from smoke

It is reported that there was one person in the flat. That person is said to have inhaled some smoke, and was taken to hospital for a checkup.

THe police have set up a report of negligence causing danger to the public.

– We don't know how the fire started. The flat is cordoned off. We'll see if there will be a technical investigation, says Peter Frostlund, who is leading the preliminary police enquiry.

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