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Fewer covid patients in Skåne

There has been a record drop of 32 persons in the number of hospitalised patients with covid in Skåne, as seen in new statistics from Region Skåne
Kristianstad • Publicerad 10 februari 2021
Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

The number of persons requiring hospital treatment in Skåne has shown a noticeable decrease during recent weeks. On 3rd February a total of 285 covid patients were in hospital, of whom 48 were in intensive care. This is the lowest number of patients in hospital since before Christmas.

On Tuesday CSK had 52 covid patients, which is a reduction by almost half compared to the previous record high at the beginning of January. At the same time fewer and fewer people in Skåne are becoming infected, according to Region Skåne. The spread of infection has been curbed particularly among elderly people.

Up till week 4 at least 21,000 in Skåne had received their first anti-covid vaccination, but now there is a shortage of vaccine. Pfizer has reduced its deliveries by 25 per cent for four weeks. Moderna has reduced a future delivery by 25 per cent, and has also postponed the delivery. Astra Zeneca has warned of the biggest drop, reducing its delivery by around 80 per cent.


Covid situation in Skåne on 2nd February

New confirmed covid-19 cases : 432'

Total number of confirmed covid-19 cases: 98,795

Admissions to IVA with confirmed covid-19: 48

Admission to hospital wards with confirmed covid-19: 237

Number of deaths from covid-1: 1383 (!st February)

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