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End to apartments at Broby Hospital – threatened with fine

The owners of Broby Hospital (former hospital) have to stop renting out apartments. The municipality's TT-Committee has deemed the accommodation to be illegal.
The municipality is therefore threatening the owner with a fine of 250,000 crowns a month – if the owner continues to rent apartments out.
Broby • Publicerad 6 november 2020
Brobysjukhuset.Foto: Tommy Svensson

Broby Hospital has over 200 tenants. However, Broby Hospital is not allowed to use the apartments as permanent residences. The decision was made by the TT-Committee.

Lillehem Teknik, which owns Broby Hospital, has a building permit. But this only applies to temporary accommodation, for example guest houses, hostels or a boarding house.

According to the TT-Committee, it’s clear that Lillehem Teknik rents out apartments for permanent residence.

The contracts that the tenants have are for an indefinite duration.

The owner denies that it is a permanent residence.

The TT-Committee believes that there shouldn’t be any permanent accommodation at Broby Hospital. It goes against the Planning and Development Act.

The TT-Committee is also critical of sanitary and social conditions in the area, such as safety. Many children also live in the area.

The owner has issued an opinion, but it has not changed the municipality's decision.

The owner has five months to stop renting out residences; otherwise, the owner risks a fine of 250,000 crowns for each month that the rental continues.

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