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Elouan, 17, unhappy with student accommodation: "Could get sick or die from all the bacteria"

He doesn't want to be in the dormitory kitchen because it's so disgusting – once someone defecated in the kitchen.
He prepares all his food at his desk and does the dishes in the toilet.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 7 juni 2023
Split student
Split studentFoto: Sofia Åström

Elouan Duranton-Mamadou, 17, moved from France to Kristianstad to study computer science. It was the pandemic and he wanted to be in a country with fewer restrictions.

He moved into one of ABK's student dorms right next to the university. For 3,373 crowns a month, he gets a room in a dorm and a kitchen that he shares with eight other people.


He had no special expectations regarding accommodation when he moved to Sweden, beyond having a place to sleep. However, the problems began immediately.

Avföringen var kvar i köket under minst två veckor.
Avföringen var kvar i köket under minst två veckor.Foto: Privat

- The moment I arrived it was incredibly noisy, and loud music was being played.

The first problem he encountered was that the door, which leads to the patio directly into the dormitory kitchen, was always open. It could barely be locked.

- There is a homeless shelter nearby. On several occasions, people who don't live here have come in. Once there were complete strangers sitting, drinking and smoking in the kitchen in the middle of the night. You don’t want to go to the kitchen then.

One occasion stands out in particular.

- There was a homeless guy who got in and defecated straight on the floor and in a kitchen cupboard. No one came and cleaned for two weeks, despite reporting it, and in the end I think a guy in the dorm cleaned it up.

Kylen i hans rum har börjat läcka ut på golvet, men han har inte felanmält det officiellt. Han ska snart flytta från Kristianstad för gott.
Kylen i hans rum har börjat läcka ut på golvet, men han har inte felanmält det officiellt. Han ska snart flytta från Kristianstad för gott.Foto: Sofia Åström

Another problem is how messy it is in the dormitory kitchen..

- Nobody here cares, but it's dangerous when it is so disgusting. Someone can get sick or die from all of the bacteria. It's messy, dirty and there’s food waste everywhere. But ABK doesn't care, it feels like they’ve given up. No one has even received a warning, despite the fact that there are always bottles of alcohol, dirty dishes and it's messy everywhere.

He is going to complete his final assignments for the semester and then he will return to France for good. However, he still thinks it's important to let people know how the accommodation has been:

- Nobody should have to live like this.


According to Jonas Rosenberg, Head of Communications at ABK, most of their tenants are satisfied with how they handle fault reports.

- It is difficult to answer why it took time to install a new door in this specific case; it could be due to several different reasons. For example, it could have been due be long delivery times.

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