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Electricity prices hit new high – customers offered help

Six billion in compensation for the high price of electricity – and the electric companies are expected to stand for the payments .
Kristianstad • Publicerad 20 januari 2022 • Uppdaterad 31 januari 2022

The government announced that it had been decided to compensate 1.8 million households by six billion crowns because of the record-breaking high price of electricity. The payments are planned to be made via the electricity companies.

– All we have been told is that they think it is the electricity suppliers who will be able to handle this support most effectively, since at the same time we have control over how our customers use electricity, says Göran Thessén at C4 Energi.

He says that a lot of people have been in touch with them, worried about prices.

– Quite a lot of people phone us now, not least after having got their bill for December.

– We can look and see if we can divide the payment into instalments. But this also depends on what has gone before. If we have had dealings with a customer for a long time and know that accounts are paid on time, we can usually offer them payment by instalments.

elpriserna är rekordhöga.
elpriserna är rekordhöga.Foto: Christian Hylse

A lot of people are worried about having a flexible contract, considering that there is a chance that prices will rise even further.

C4 Energi's advice is not to panic.

At Eon as well pressure from customers is also high.

Lena Berglund at the company's press service says that it is possible for all customers to have a plan to pay by instalments, regardless of their past history.

– When they contact us and tell us what their problem is, we try to find a positive solution and do what we can to find a suitable way to deal with things. What is most important is to contact us early. But there isn't much we can do for people who simply phone us and are angry.

Help to households

Compensation for the high electricity prices is based on how much is used, and not on the type of housing. So it can be paid out both to customers in detached houses and in flats.

Electricity customers are entitled to this support no matter whether their contract is flexible or tied.

The government reckons that 1.8 million households will be covered.

A household can be compensated by 2,000 crowns a month at most for January, February and March. That is, a maximum of 6.000 crowns.

The biggest amount will be paid out to households with an electricity consumption of at least 2,000 kilowatt-hours a month.

The amount will decrease for consumers who use less, but how the stages will be calculated has not yet been decided.

This support will be paid out to households without their having to apply for it. On the other hand it is still unclear when the money will be paid out.

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