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Drugged man drove at 184 km/h

The 26-year-old man drove at high speed through junctions and tight curves in a built-up area. Now he has been charged with driving with gross negligence.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 26 februari 2021
olycka polis hastighet onykter rattfylla cykel avspärrat lagen lag vapen gripen fartkamera
olycka polis hastighet onykter rattfylla cykel avspärrat lagen lag vapen gripen fartkameraFoto: 

The highly dangerous incident is reported to have taken place shortly after midnight one night in November. A police patrol was alerted about a car that had driven away from another patrol in Nymölla. They sighted the car inTosteberga and drove after it. At the Vanneberga junction another police car arrived. It had to stop to avoid being run into, and the car kept on driving at a speed of up to 184 km/hour. On the way towards Rinkaby shooting range the car suddenly slammed on the brakes and then drove into a post.

The police say that the driver himself seemed surprised that he had not stopped, and could give no explanation. They could see that he was under the influence of some substance , and after testing they could confirm that he had taken MDMA, or ecstasy, a central nervous system stimulant.

The 26-year-old has now been charged with driving with gross negligence when he 'to a high degree disregarded the care and caution which were required to avoid an accident under the circumstances'. In addition the temperature was around zero and parts of the road were icy, and the lighting was poor.

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