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Dog-owner attacked by probable wolf - had to defend himself: 'It was damned aggressive'

Jonas Johanssomn came into close contact with what he thought was a wolf. He had to drive off the big creature.
– My right foot made contact with its chest, he says.
Vanneberga • Publicerad 3 april 2023 • Uppdaterad 5 april 2023
– Jag hade kontakt med min högra fot mot bringan, säger han.
– Jag hade kontakt med min högra fot mot bringan, säger han.Foto: Arkiv

His Saturday evening walk with his dog was unexpectedly dramatic for Jonas Johansson in Vanneberga. As he and his Alsatian Blondie were walking along road 21 towards Hässleholm he heard something - or someone - growling by the side of the road.

They were at a layby on road 21, close to a shooting-range.

– I heard that there was something in the undergrowth, Jonas says.

His dog ran ahead to see what it was.

– I was going to call Blondie back, but before I have time to do anything, she comes running back to me, and after her there is something I think is a very big dog, Jonas tells us.

Blondie hid behind Jonas to protect herself.

– I positioned myself as a barrier between me and the other 'dog'. It was damned aggressive. I had to fend it off with my leg, says a shaken Jonas.

He tells us he had an aerosol bottle in his pocket with a spray for self-defence.

– A thousand thoughts flashed through my mind in no time. What should I do? Then I remembered I had the aerosol in my trouser pocket. Could that work? When the 'dog' was a couple of yards off I used the spray.

That manoeuvre seemed to scare the animal, and so Jonas managed to get away from the attacking creature.

Jonas and Blondie lost no time in returning home.

– Then I began to think. I wondered, where is that dog's owner? It was a lot bigger than my six-year-old Alsatian. And then it struck me - 'wolf' , says Jonas.

Since then he has been in touch with both the police and the county administrative board.

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