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Depressed mood at the Town Hall - no-one was thanked

Several top politicians with many years in municipal politics have left their leading posts because of the shift in power.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 8 november 2022

On Wednesday, October 26, the municipal executive board, which can be described as the municipality's 'government', met for the last time with the members voted in for the past term of office.

The new municipal executive board after the election will be chosen by the municipal council on 15th November and will then take up office.

Pierre Månsson (L).
Pierre Månsson (L).Foto: Mikael Persson

The shift of power means that this week's meeting was the last for a number of persons who are now leaving their top political positions. Among them the outgoing municipal commissioner Pierre Månsson (L), who has been in the municipal council for over 20 years, of which eight as chairman of the municipal executive board.

It was also the last meeting for Anders Tell (S), who has been active in local politics for more than 20 years, both on the municipal executive board and as leader of the opposition.

Anders Tell (S).
Anders Tell (S).Foto: Mikael Persson

But no thanks came from the chairman of the municipal executive board, Camilla Palm (M). From what Kb /Nsk has learnt, this roused feelings in certain quarters and may possibly give rise to questions as to the atmosphere in the Town Hall after the change of power.

People KB/NSk spoke to say it is the custom to thank outgoing members. This does not necessarily mean presents, but in any case a few well-chosen words and thanks for the years people have shown their interest.

Pierre Månsson (L) had no comments to make.

– I noticed it, but I've nothing to say, he says.

Mikael Persson, from Vänsterpartiet, was there. He doesn't care so much about bunches of flowers and presents, he says.

– I had supposed we would say thank you to a few people who are leaving. Anders Tell (S), for example,who has been on the board for quite a long time, both in the council and as leader of the opposition., says Mikael Persson.

Mikael Persson (V).
Mikael Persson (V).Foto: Mikael Persson

Footnote: After the election a new coalition consisting of M, SD and KD is taking over in Kristianstad. For the past four years M, L, C and KD have been in office.

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