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Bus-driver indicted – accused of running over 6-year-old boy

A 70-year-old bus driver dropped off a six-year-old boy in Hjärsås after school – and then ran over him, it is suspected.
Now the bus-driver has been indicted, charged with causing a person's death, and having caused the accident by negligence.
The bus-driver denies the charges.
Hjärsås • Publicerad 8 april 2022
Flowers, teddy-bears and candles two days after the fatal accident in  Hjärsås.
Flowers, teddy-bears and candles two days after the fatal accident in Hjärsås.Foto: Mikael Persson

On 16th December 2021 a six-year-old boy went home from school on the school bus, from Västerskolan in Knislinge to Hjärsås.

The boy got off at the turnaround at Knislingevägen in Hjärsås – but there things went wrong.

The pupil got off the bus through the door at the front, on the right. Then he walked slowly back the length of the bus.

It is thought that the driver then turned the bus around in a sharp right turn without knowing exactly where the six-year-old was. The bus drove over the boy, who died on the spot, it says in the indictment.

Candles that were lit after the accident.
Candles that were lit after the accident.Foto: Mikael Persson

The bus-driver was unaware that he had run over the boy, and drove off. The bus company has reported earlier that it was only later that they were informed of the accident, via the police.

When the trial takes place in Kristianstad district court several witnesses will be heard, both experts and three eye-witnesses, who will tell what they saw immediately before and after the accident.

– None of them has seen 100 per cent of what happened in the actual seconds when the accident occurred, says prosecutor Johan Eriksson.

The suspected bus-driver agrees with the prosecutor's picture of what happened, but denies any crime

He risks a suspended sentence and a fine, as well as possible damages, TT reports.

Footnote: The newspaper has tried to contact the bus-driver's defence lawyer, but he does not wish to make a statement. .

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