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Baby died – parents report nonchalant staff

A little baby died of blood poisoning. Now the parents are reporting the paediatric A&E department and ambulance staff who were considered to be nonchalant.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 15 oktober 2020
The paediatric A&E department at CSK did not take the baby's fever seriously. The baby later died.
The paediatric A&E department at CSK did not take the baby's fever seriously. The baby later died.Foto: Bosse Nilsson

One early morning in August, the parents arrived at the paediatric A&E with their baby. The baby was seven months old, had a high fever and pain. It had a fever of over 39 degrees despite having taken Alvedon.

Paediatricians examined the baby. The diagnosis was that the fever was due to new teeth or constipation. The family was sent home with asthma and fever-reducing medication.


The child’s health worsened during the morning and an ambulance was called. The parents state in the report to IVO (The Health and Social Care Inspectorate) that the staff behaved in a nonchalant manner. And they didn’t take the family's concerns seriously.

They deprioritised the transport to less serious. The mother, a trained assistant nurse, questioned why the baby had red rashes on its legs. The rash spread all over the body. The staff claimed that it was a heat rash.

But in the paediatric A&E, it was found that the child suffered from sepsis (blood poisoning) caused by meningococcal bacteria.

– NN (baby's name) came to IVA where they did what they could, but it was way too late. NN died due to sepsis, the parents write.

They complain that no samples were taken in the morning and that the ambulance staff were nonchalant.

– We are aware that it probably wouldn’t have been possible to prevent the tragic outcome, but it would’ve given us more security in the situation if NN had been observed at the hospital, where samples could’ve been taken to find out what was wrong faster.

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