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Asked his brother to get a driving license - denies the crime

A 35-year-old man has been charged for driving around with a counterfeit driving license, allegedly forging documents and unauthorised driving.
Foto: Bertil Ericson / TT

He was stopped by the police outside of Broby on September 10th and gave them a Lebanese driving license which the police checked via the NFC (National Forensic Centre).

NFC believes it’s quite clear that the license is counterfeit. They state that among other things, the license was made using a printer or copier and not a printing-press like genuine driving licenses from the country in question.

However, the 35-year-old maintains that the driving license is genuine; he had it sent to him from his brother in his homeland. However, he admits that he previously had a fake Syrian driving license.


Having a foreign driving license in Sweden

- A driving license from a country within the EEA is valid in Sweden if it is valid in the country of origin and has not been exchanged for a Swedish driving license.
- The driving license is valid even if you are registered in Sweden.
Driving licenses from countries outside the EEA:
- The driving license must be valid in the country where it was issued.
- The driving license must not have been exchanged for a Swedish one.
- You cannot be registered in Sweden for more than a year.
- The driving license must be designed in accordance with international agreements (the 1949 and 1968 Conventions on Road Traffic). If the driving license isn’t designed according to those rules and isn't written in English, German or French, it’s only valid together with a certified translation.