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Appointment required to visit CSK

Today, Thursday, the visiting ban on hospitals in Skåne will be lifted. But you can’t just go to CSK to visit a patient for example. "You have to make an appointment," says Hospital Director Johan Cosmo.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 1 oktober 2020
Relatives can visit patients who are in CSK. But you have to make an appointment.
Relatives can visit patients who are in CSK. But you have to make an appointment.Foto: Tom Wall

Relatives can visit patients who have been admitted.

– We will handle this with great care, so we don’t bring the infection into the hospital, or that you risk becoming infected when you visit us, says Johan Cosmo.

The rule still applies – stay at home with the slightest symptom.

– We have learned more and more about the disease. We now know that you can have very few symptoms and still be contagious.

Visiting times at CSK are from 5.30 pm to 7 pm. But you have to book an appointment at the ward where the patient is. This is to reduce congestion in the ward and in the elevators.

Patients who are in multiple wards may receive visits in other rooms.

– In the A&E, we will continue to be restrictive with people accompanying.

CSK encourages keeping in touch digitally via telephone. This can also be used for visits to the doctor.

– You can record the appointment with the doctor or have them listening in via telephone, if you want a relative to hear what is being said.

The barrier in the entrance hall will remain.

– We will also encourage people to use 1177.se, to handle cases faster. This can be for renewing prescriptions, various documents, booking blood tests via the lab or contacting the healthcare service. This way, you skip the telephone queue and visiting a reception.

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