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All ready for bathing during the summer

On Thursday 17th June the open-air swimming-pool in Hanaskog and Trollabadet in Glimåkra will open. But there will not be any lifeguards in attendance. So each person must take responsibility for him/herself, and parents are responsible for their children.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 16 juni 2021
Great opportunities for a swim are right there for you in Glimåkra and Hanaskog.
Great opportunities for a swim are right there for you in Glimåkra and Hanaskog.Foto: Tommy Svensson

If you have a cold or are unwell, you mustn't go to the swimming-pools. It's still a question of showing consideration and keeping your distance.

The diving-boards are open between 1 and 6 pm. And there are also staff in attendance. Only one person may dive at a time. Staff have the right to turn away anyone who does not follow the regulations (read more on the municipality's homepage).

The big pools are open for people swimming for exercise between 10 and 11 am.

The baths are open between 10 am and 8 pm. You can enjoy bathing there until Sunday 22nd August.

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