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Air force exercises: Supersonic fighter planes over southern Sweden

The week-long exercise LFÖ 21 started on Thursday. Noise from the planes can be expected at any time, day or night, in several places in the south of Sweden.
Skåne • Publicerad 22 oktober 2021
JAS Gripen-plan i luften.
JAS Gripen-plan i luften.Foto: SÖREN ANDERSSON

This year's air force exercise, LFÖ 21, will end next week.

The armed forces are training in how to deal with 'tomorrow's threats and challenges', as it says on the official homepage.

You can reckon with noise from fighter planes and helicopters at any time, day or night.

The air force will be carrying out both low-flying and supersonic exercises during various practice periods.

The armed forces say that the practice area is first and foremost located in the south and south-east of Sweden.

The exercise will also be noticeable at ground level, when different military units move around on the roads to air bases in the south of Sweden.

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