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A maximum of eight around the table at the pub – new restrictions in effect tomorrow

Pubs and restaurants have to close at 23:00. At private parties you can only have 20 seated guests.
Mouth guards and protective masks, should be used in crowded buses and trains. All adults should keep gatherings at a minimum amount and gather in groups of fewer people.
Cups and other competitions with a large number of spectators should be cancelled.
– The situation has without a doubt gotten worse, says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S).
Stockholm • Publicerad 11 januari 2022
”Det är utan tvekan så att läget har förvärrats”, säger statsminister Magdalena Andersson (S).
”Det är utan tvekan så att läget har förvärrats”, säger statsminister Magdalena Andersson (S).Foto: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

The spread of the corona virus is increasing again. This time it’s the new variant, omikron, that is more infectious but seems to give milder symptoms.

Many of the restrictions and recommendations we know from before. Such as, those who can should work from home.

Pubs and restaurants that are allowed to serve alcohol must close at 23:00 and only eight people are allowed to sit at each table.

The number of people allowed at private gatherings is reduced from 50 to 20 seated guests.

Tomorrow Wednesday, the 12 of January, the new restrictions are introduced in order to reduce the spread of infection. That’s the message the government gave during Monday's press conference:

– The situation has without a doubt gotten worse. The spread of infection in Sweden is at historically high levels, said Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson during the press conference.

More information can be found here

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