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Woman dead after fire in residence

A woman has died after a fire in a residence in Näsby. Her relatives have been informed.
The residence was filled with smoke but the fire did not cause major damage. The police are investigating the fire as public endangerment. There is no suspicion that the fire was deliberately set.
Foto: Lasse Ottosson

Emergency services, ambulance and police were called to the scene at 5 am on Thursday morning. There was a lot of smoke in the residence but there was no major damage from the fire.

– We went in quickly with smoke-helmeted firemen, extinguished the fire and took care of the injured person, says Mikael Svensson, Internal Officer with the emergency services in Kristianstad.

The emergency services had put the fire out by 6 am.

The affected woman was pronounced dead on Thursday morning. By lunchtime, her relatives had been informed. The police then put up a notification on their website.

The fire started in the bedroom. The police are investigating the fire but there is no suspicion that it was deliberately set.