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Two men arrested on suspicion of murder

Two men have been taken into custody, suspected of the fatal shooting at Långebro in January when a 24-year-old man from Kristianstad lost his life.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 13 maj 2020
Foto: Jens Christian, Montage

It was on 27th January this year when a 24- year-old man lost his life. He was shot at Gamla Långebrogatan. On Tuesday two men were taken into custody on reasonable suspicion (the less serious degree) of murder and attempted murder.

The police received calls from residents at Långebro at about 10:30 pm on 27th January with reports of hearing loud bangs. Shortly afterwards a man with shot wounds turned up at the emergency department at Centralsjukhuset in a private car. The man's injuries were extremely serious, and he died later in hospital.

The same night the police carried out a forensic examination at the scene of the crime.

In February the police found a dark-coloured moped of scooter-type. They believe the culprits used it to make their getaway.The moped was confiscated at an address in Näsby.

When he was shot, the 24-year-old was sitting in a parked car. None of the others who were in the car are willing to say what happened.

The police think that it was the wrong person who was shot.

In an announcement to the press the police write that no further information will be released at present.

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