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Threats towards bus drivers: "Price and safety must be reviewed"

Bus drivers should not be threatened at work. It’s also high time to do something about the reports of huge price increases by Skånetrafiken, says the Social Democrats in Skåne.
Skåne • Publicerad 15 januari 2020
There are passengers who are very angry about the new ticket system. They shout at the drivers and threaten them.
There are passengers who are very angry about the new ticket system. They shout at the drivers and threaten them.Foto: Tom Wall

Vinslöv, Fjälkinge and Degeberga are some of the areas that have received sharp increases in prices for monthly and single tickets. For example, in Vinslöv it was 89 per cent.

Bus drivers feel threatened by angry passengers. Bus drivers who get an earful let passengers travel for free. This is something that Sydsvenskan has written about.

Bus drivers from several companies think that the new payment system is really bad. It should not have been launched, says the Safety Representative.

_ We bus drivers get called idiots every day. In addition, we are verbally abused and threatened - just because the payment system is not working says the Safety Representative Lotta Berger to Sydsvenskan.

The Sales Manager, Camilla Bunke, has previously told Kristianstadsbladet that the new model is simpler and fairer, "you pay just as much for a kilometre, no matter where you travel".

The Social Democrats in Region Skåne consider reports of sharp price increases to be serious. The Alliance, who are in charge, should do something about them. S also says that staff should not have to feel threatened at work.

_ There are probably few travellers who agree with the Moderates that it is too cheap to travel by public transport. Skånetrafiken is looking to make a profit of more than 100 million crowns for 2019. High prices should not make people choose to use a car. The criticism from travellers must be taken seriously, says Andreas Schönström (S), Second Vice Chairman of the Public Transport Committee.

In December, the committee decided that the new prices should be reviewed.

_ Threats and violence against staff is never acceptable. Stronger measures must then be put in place, says Andreas Schönström.

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