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The Centre Party removes Treasurer from post after criticism

The Centre Party's Treasurer questioned the financial report in a diversity project. Now the Board has removed him from his post. And Qalinle Dyaib has been elected as Chairman of the Technical Committee.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 16 januari 2019 • Uppdaterad 22 januari 2019
Karl Gemfeldt.
Karl Gemfeldt.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

– The Board has decided to dismiss Fredrik Birgersson from his post as Treasurer. An external treasurer has been appointed with immediate effect, says Karl Gemfeldt, Chairman of the Centre Party's Local Steering Committee and Group Leader.

The decision was taken in an extraordinary Board meeting on Sunday. The reason for the meeting was the Treasurer's criticism, "deficiencies and inaccuracies" of the diversity project which he spoke out about to Kristianstadsbladet.

The criticism was directed at Qalinle Dayib.

The Treasurer who has now been appointed is a member of the party, but is not a member of the Board.

Why did you remove the Treasurer from his post?

– There are so many feelings involved in this. One can have different views on what money should be used for, but we have to have some order in the party. The national organisation granted the money and is satisfied with the accounting, says Gemfeldt.

Gemfeldt says that Birgersson's statement on undeclared wages and unpaid taxes is a major reason for the dismissal decision.

– If you’re going to make such serious accusations, there has to be some weight behind it. We couldn't see that there was any substance to it.

As far as any unpaid employer contributions are concerned, the matter has not been settled.

– Qalinle has shown correspondence with Skatterverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) which is ongoing about this.

Fredrik Birgersson regrets the Board's decision. The Board believes that he handled the task as a Treasurer in a good way, but criticises him for going to Kristianstadsbladet with the criticism.

What do you think about the Board having an external treasurer?

– The new Treasurer Agneta Warnhag is not external; it is Östen Warnhag's wife. Östen is a member of our Local Steering Committee.

The dispute in the Centre Party has been ongoing since November.

Qalinle Dayib.
Qalinle Dayib.Foto: Tommy Svensson
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