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Tenants very pleased with ABK

92 per cent of ABK tenants recommend others to stay in ABK's apartments. This is shown in a survey carried out by AktivBo.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 23 oktober 2019 • Uppdaterad 25 oktober 2019
ABK, th ehead office in Kristianstad.
ABK, th ehead office in Kristianstad.Foto: Tommy Svensson

– ABK's tenants are very pleased. They’ve given very high ratings. ABK is among the best major housing associations in Sweden, says Jon Svensson, CEO of AktivBo, in a press release.

AktivBo measures how pleased customers are in over 350 housing associations.

61.5 per cent of ABK's tenants responded to the survey from AkvitBo. 83.6 per cent of respondents are pleased or very pleased with service, security and how reported faults are handled.

79.6 per cent are pleased or very pleased with their apartment, outdoor environment and public spaces.

– We have a good and dedicated staff. Our work is appreciated. It gives them additional energy to continue doing a good job, says Henrik Strand, CEO of ABK.

– There are also things we can do even better. And we will try that.

For example, many are less pleased with how tenants are cleaning up after themselves in the laundry rooms. The responses are also different depending on where you live.

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