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Ten years after the first sketch - new outdoor museum opened

Vattenriket's new outdoor museum was officially opened on Friday. It is tucked away in a hide on the new wooden bridge beside Naturum. The hide is a feature that has been long-awaited.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 3 maj 2019
about 50 people came to take a look at the new open-air museum on Friday.
about 50 people came to take a look at the new open-air museum on Friday.Foto: Martin Söderberg

– I think this will be a favourite place for many of us, says Karin Magmtorn, who is in charge of Naturum.

About fifty people came to the opening ceremony. Qalinle Dayib, chairman of the technical committee, cut the tape. Then the visitors could go out on to the wooden bridge that leads to the Årummet outdoor museum.

The Årummet museum lies a short distance out on the bridge. From there you can watch the birds and animals from a window facing Naturum lake. There is also an exhibition with information about everything there is to experience in the vicinity.

Already when Naturum was built ten years ago plans were being made for Årummet.

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