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Ten things to do in Kristianstad

Making things with your hands gives time for reflection, for young and old. Bring along the children and make beetles at Barbacka, or learn all about cranes and make paper cranes at Naturum.
Music always gives pleasure. You can listen to a string orchestra playing 19th century music, including Mendelssohn, in Heliga Trefaldighet Church, or check out Emil Jenssen when he comes to Kulturkvarteret on 8th March. And don’t miss the concert ”En Salig Blandning” (A Bit of Everything) in Norra Åsum church on 10th March, when there will be a collection for the benefit of Panzi hospital in the Congo.
In Panzi hospital women who have been victims of female genital mutilation can get help. A women’s choir from Panzi will also take part.
Publicerad 4 mars 2019
Cranes arrive in springtime. Learn more about the birds at Naturum 9th March.
Cranes arrive in springtime. Learn more about the birds at Naturum 9th March.Foto: Lennart Johanzon

Workshop: Beetles

What: Miracle workshop ??? Barbacka, a workshop for chilldren who want to make things. Come and try out different kinds of material.We have a theme every Saturday, and today the theme is beetles and small insects. Suitable for children of all ages. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.

Where: Barbacka.

When: Saturday 2nd March, 12–2 pm. Drop in. Free entry.

Concert : 19th Century Music

What: Welcome back to the 19th century. Listen to the Ensemble Biedermeier, a recently formed chamber music group with some of Scandinavia’s most prominent specialists in early music.

Where: Heliga Trefaldighet Church.

When : Sunday 3rd March at 5 pm.

Language café

What: Would you like to practise your Swedish or help someone else improve theirs? We discuss dfferent topics, or simply chat, over a cup of coffee.

Where: Gamlegården library and Näsby meeting-place.

When: Monday 4th March at 10:30 am.

Emil Jensen.
Emil Jensen.Foto: Tom Wall

Music: Emil Jensen

What: ”A madman in common”. Emil Jensen is back, with a new show, a new album and a big tour.

Where: Kulturkvarteret.

When: Friday 8th March at 7 pm.

Birds: Cranes

What: Naturum’s education officer tells us about the exciting life of cranes and about their flight route from Spain to Vattenriket. We make origami cranes.

Where: Naturum.

When: Saturday 9th March at 2 pm.

Denis Mukwege, doctor at the Panzi hosital in the Congo, who helps women, victims of female genital mutilation.
Denis Mukwege, doctor at the Panzi hosital in the Congo, who helps women, victims of female genital mutilation.Foto: Jurek Holzer / SvD / SCANPIX

Concert in aid of Panzi hospital

What: En Salig Blandning – A Bit of Everything. A charity concert in aid of Dr Mukwege’s Panzi hospital in the Congo. Taking part: A choir of women who have been treated at the hospital. Österlen Gospel, Trefaldighetskören Christianstad, Åsum Choir. String Quarte. And more.

Where: Norra Åsum Church.

When: Sunday 10th March at 5 pm.

Discussion: Veil or no veil?

What: Snackbar discussion forum. Two women from Kristianstad who have made different decisions. Kb’s reporter Sofyan Aswad will lead the discussion. Interview and discussion in focus. The arrangers are Musik i Syd, the town library and Kristiantadsbladet.

Where: Kulturkvarteret.

When: Monday 11th March at 6:30 pm.

Be creative: Drawing

What: A drawing workshop. Troska Omar helps you to draw. For children aged 10–12.

Where: Town Library.

When: Monday 18th March, 3 pm. Drop in.

The Babblers - the second musicka comes to town.
The Babblers - the second musicka comes to town.

Musical: Babblarna

What: Babblarna (The Babblers) – the second musical. With the childrens’ great favourites Babblarna, Faffa, Vovvo and Klonk. Fun with words, swinging music, mime, sång and dance. For children from the age of 2.

Where: Kulturkvarteret.

When: Saturday 23rd March at 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

Get answers about apps and e-books in the Town library.
Get answers about apps and e-books in the Town library.Foto: URBAN NILSSON

Technology: Apps and e-books

What: Technical drop in. Questions about technology, internet and ebooks. What is an app? How does Facebook work? How do I download an e-book to my cell-phone or tablet?

Where: Town library.

When: Monday 1st April at 2pm. Drop in.

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