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Ten things to do in Kristianstad

The birds are singing, the days are growing longer. March is the first month of spring, we start to enjoy the feeling of the sun in our eyes. The International Women’s Day also falls in March, a day still worth our attention.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 8 mars 2020
Space ballet, on 7th March.
Space ballet, on 7th March.Foto: Emmalisa Pauly/Teater Sagohuset

Regionmuseet is holding a lecture on Women’s Day 8th March on violence in close relationships. On 11th March Filmmuseet will show ”En kvinnas val” – ”A’ woman’s choice”– about Maryam, a doctor who loves her work as a country doctor in Saudi Arabia. But men refuse her help. Maryam does not let that stop her, she runs as a candidate in the local election.

On 14th March at Kristianstad Arena there will be a musical about the legendary Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest.

Cornelis Vreeswijk came to Sweden from Holland as a young man. Through time he became one of our best-loved troubadours. Listen to his songs at Kulturkvarteret on 21st March.

If you’ve never been to a handball match – now’s your chance! There are several opportunities to see both the men’s and the women’s teams.

Theatre for all the family: Space ballet

What: Krakel Spektakel, a space ballet, with rhythm, dancing and fun. For children between 4 and 8. The sky is full of stars at night. But there are lots of other stars.

Krakel Spektakel is a well-known figure in books by Lennart Hellsing. The first book, Krakel Spektakel och Kusin Vitamin, appeared in 1952.

Where: Kulturhuset Barbacka

When: Saturday 7th March at 2 pm.

International Women’s Day

What: Violence in close relationships leaves permanent damage – if it doesn’t lead to death. A lecture by Ulrika Rogland and Karin Örmon.

Ulrika Rogland is a lawyer with wide experience in crimes against children, violence in Close relationships, sexual crimes and honour violence.

Karin Örmon is clinical senior lecturer i psychiatric care at Malmö University. She also leads research on violence in close relationships in Gothenburg.

Where: Regionmuseet

When: Sunday 8th March at 2 pm.

Adde Malmberg.
Adde Malmberg.Foto: Bo Åkesson

Theatre: ”You’ve got to do your bit”

What: A farce about country life, by Adde Malmberg. Riksteatern performs the play about a little village with a hall which is the centre of the community.

Where: Kristianstads teater

When: Tuesday 10th March at 7pm.

The film, ”A Woman's choise”, on 11th March.
The film, ”A Woman's choise”, on 11th March.

Film: A woman’s choice

What: Many patients refuse to let doctor Maryam examine them. But she loves her work as a country doctor in Saudi Arabiua, and stands as a candidate in the local election.

Director: Haifaa al-Mansour (who also directed ”The green bicycle”)

Where : Filmmuseet.

When: Wednesday 11th March at 7 pm.

Foto: Torun Bortz

Handball: IFK–Önnereds HK

What: Match in the men’s handball league.

Where: Kristianstad Arena.

When: Friday 13th March at 7 pm.

Musical: Robin Hood

What: ”Robin Hood – the musical” About the legendary Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest.

Where: Kristianstad Arena

When: Saturday 14ht March at 1 pm.

KHK-HK Drott. Andrea Jacobsen
KHK-HK Drott. Andrea JacobsenFoto: Tommy Svensson

Handball: KHK–Skånela IF

What: Women’s handball, Swedish premier division match KHK versus Skånela from Märsta.

Where: Idrottshallen.

When: Saturday 14th March at 2 pm.

Theatre: ”The Swedish son”

What: A drama about an adopted person’s longing to find his roots. Jo was adopted from Colombia and grew up in small-town Sweden.

Where Kristianstad Theatre.

When: Tuesday 17th March at 7 pm.

Music: Songs by Cornelis

What: ”Visor & Grimascher” (Songs and Grimaces). Cornelis Vreeswijk is one of our all-time greatest artistes. Concert with Cornelis’ son Jack and Brolle.

Where: Kulturkvarteret.

When : Saturday 21st March at 6 pm.

Stand- up comedy by comedian Marika Carlsson, on 1st April.
Stand- up comedy by comedian Marika Carlsson, on 1st April.Foto: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Humour: Stand-up comedy

What: Äntligen Roligt (At last something funny). Stand- up comedy with Marika Carlsson, a Swedish comedienne who was born in Ethiopia.

Where: Biljardkompaniet.

When: Wednesday 1st April at 7 pm.

You can find more ideas at: orangeastaden.se

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