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Tax shock expected in Hässleholm - May be highest in Skåne

Politicians in Hässleholm municipality can’t seem to balance the budget. Therefore, the Restallians want to raise the tax by one crown. Expenditure has increased beyond control and costs due to migration are increasing. But the municipality is hoping for money from the state.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 16 maj 2019
The Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals in the right-wingRestallians want to raise the tax by one crown.
The Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals in the right-wingRestallians want to raise the tax by one crown.Foto: Andreas Lovén

"The difficult economic situation compels us to announce a tax increase in both 2020 and 2021."

The announcement was made by the Restallians, which includes the Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals. This means raising the tax by 50 cents in 2020 and 50 cents in 2021.

The municipal tax rate will be 21.96 crowns with the increases. It will be 33.14 crowns including the county council tax - if the increases become reality.

– It is the highest in Skåne, only Osby has higher. If other municipalities don’t increase, says Lars Johnsson (M), the Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee,

– I have been in politics for a long time, but it has never been this difficult. It's very difficult, he says.

Robin Gustavsson (KD) agrees. But he points out that the draft budget also has aggressive spending; investments in real estate, IT, fibre and maintenance of more than 1 billion in 2020-2022.

There is no money for a new bathhouse in the draft budget. That decision will be made later, when it is clear where the bathhouse will be and how big it should be.

The municipality has increased costs for new arrivals when they leave the establishment programme.

For example, approximately 750 out of 5,000 pupils in primary school, grade 1-9, are estimated to be new arrivals. In addition, the municipality expects more family migration.

– About 450 people in 2019, as the rules have been eased, says Lars Johnsson.

Decisions on the tax rate will be made in October/November. Then the municipalities will know if they will get more money from the state or not. The government will put its budget bill forward in September.

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