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Students disappointed with their Komvux teacher

The pupils do not understand the assignments and have difficulty moving on to the foundation course in Swedish. The students have complained and submitted a letter signed by 20 students.
Sibbhult • Publicerad 28 maj 2019
Göinge utbildningscenter, Sibbhult
Göinge utbildningscenter, SibbhultFoto: Tommy Svensson

- Not a single student has passed our level since October, says a group of foreign-born students who study foundation B and are not satisfied with the Swedish teaching at the Göinge education centre.

The students are disappointed that the headmaster is not addressing the problem. They sent in a letter signed by 20 students.

- If it continue like this, it will takes several years to complete the modules before we even reach the foundation level, says a girl who studied engineering in her country.

- Now, many more people are thinking about stopping and moving to another municipality instead, says one of the girls who wants to leave Östra Göinge as soon as possible.

- The pace is so stressed that our teacher does not have time to answer our questions and we have to move on. When we ask questions, we’re told to take it up with Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education).

The students say that the assignments often feel unfamiliar and are difficult to understand. It’s about the greenhouse effect or explaining the problems with the war between Palestine and Israel.

They don’t think that the teaching is working. Students also don’t have textbooks.

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