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Strange signs – here is the explanation

There is a new sign in Västra Järnvägsgatan. ”When I caught sight of it, I it cheered me up”, says someone who lives nearby.
Broby • Publicerad 5 juni 2020
Reassuring messages in corona times.
Reassuring messages in corona times.Foto: Marie-Louise Lindell

”Eveything will be all right”, it says on the sign hanging on a lamppost.

But it is not only Broby that has got a mysterious sign. Everything appears to come from artist Mikael Richter. He works with art that makes a break from what is traditional. The signs are go be found in a number of places all over the country.

In Knislinge people are urged to seize the day.
In Knislinge people are urged to seize the day.Foto: Mikael Persson

There is a sign in Knislinge too, at Sigfrids Höjd , where it says ”Carpe Diem’” (seize the day).

Goingehem are behind the idea – they ordered the signs online.

– More signs will pop up, little messages in all the villages, says managing director Henrik Loveby, pleased with the administraion’s plan to spread a little happiness.

Marie-Louise LindellSkicka e-post
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