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Stora Torg to be closed off for two months

Stora Torg will be partly closed off while maintenance work is carried out, including work on the district heating system. 18 parking spaces, one entry and a pavement will be affected for two months.
Publicerad 31 juli 2019
Stora Torg i Kristianstad
Stora Torg i KristianstadFoto: Leo Pettersson

-We want to get this done while the weather is warm, says Ola Sandberg, maintenance engineer at C4 Energi, who say the old valves need to be replaced. Since it involves district heating, the municipality wants to get the job done while the weather is warm.

_Customers won’t be affected too much if we do it now, says Ola Sandberg.

In addition it is a good time for maintenance work when there are no events on Stora Torg.

The work itself will begin next Monday, but the entry to some of the parking spaces will be closed off from Thursday of this week.

Besides the entry to the parking spaces, 18 parking spaces will be shut off, and the pavement on Nya Boulevarden on the same side as Pölsemannen will be partly closed off. This will apply for almost two months.

Leo PetterssonSkicka e-post
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