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Stay seven big falafel rolls away – more than 600 confirmed covid-19 cases in Skåne

Skåne has more than 600 confirmed cases of covid-19. The increase in Skåne is slow. But experts still warn us to be careful: ”Be patient, don't give up, keep your distance”, regional councillor Alf Jönsson urges.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 24 april 2020
Region Skåne's ”Keep your distance” campaign.
Region Skåne's ”Keep your distance” campaign.Foto: Region Skåne

– This isn't over, so we're not dropping our guard. Help us to be able to do our job, the regional director said at a press conference.

He went on:

– This business of keeping one's distance - how hard can that be? How far is two metres? It's more than you think. It's like a bed made in Skåne. Or five ”spettekakor” (a type of meringue cake common in Skåne). Seven falafel rolls. Or 20 rolls of toilet-paper.

At the same time the region is working on several innovations to help patients. At Skånes Universitetssjukhus 3d prints of adaptors are being made so that two patients can share one oxygen tube.

– Fortunately we haven't reached that stage yet, we still have enough respirators, says Einar Heiberg, who carries out research in clinical physiology at SUS and Lund university.


Number of people in Skåne infected by the new corona virus (24th April)

Number of confirmed cases: 609.

Total number tested: 7,065.

Total number of covid patients in hospital : 72, of whom 21 are in intensive care.

Total number of deaths among covid-positive patients: 59.

Admitted to CSK: 5, of whom 3 are in intensive care.

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