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Several new deaths over the weekend - total of seven have died in Skåne

Four people in Skåne have died of covid-19 since Friday. In total, there are now seven deaths in Skåne. One of them was a person in a retirement home in Kristianstad municipality. The person tested positive afterwards for the coronavirus.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 30 mars 2020
Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

- Unfortunately, a person in one of our retirement homes has died and has been found to be infected with the coronavirus. We are sad about what has happened. Our thoughts go to the relatives, says Camilla Gärdebring, the municipality’s Head of Social Care.

She cannot comment on whether the coronavirus was the cause of death.


- No, we don't know that. We are not the ones who determine the cause of death.

Have you taken any special measures after being notified?

- No, we’re constantly working with our basic hygiene procedures and follow all of the recommendations.

The average age in the municipality's retirement homes is 86 years old.

On Sunday, there were 276 confirmed cases of people infected with the coronavirus in Skåne, but at present only people who need to be admitted to hospitals and retirement homes are tested.

A total of 32 covid-patients are being treated in Skåne hospitals. Four of them are in intensive care.

Region Skåne has gathered information about covid-19 in several languages. You can find the page here!

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