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Semla as pizza or princess pastry

Semla (cream buns) as pizzas, cinnamon buns or princess buns - the varieties of semla are increasing. But it’s the traditional semla that sells best in patisseries in Kristianstad.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 februari 2019
Semmelpizzan räcker till åtta personer. ”Jag tycker att den är godare än vanlig semla”, säger Rami Atou.
Semmelpizzan räcker till åtta personer. ”Jag tycker att den är godare än vanlig semla”, säger Rami Atou.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

The cream bun or semla has long been a smooth wheat bun with almond paste and cream.

But in 2015, Mattias Ljungberg went to Tössebageriet in Stockholm to fill almond paste and cream in thinly rolled wheat dough. The semla wrap was born. Since then, the cream bun has begun to take more and more imaginative forms.

A new thing in Kristianstad is the semla pizza which Rami Atou, owner of Happy Italy in C4 Shopping, bakes. He spreads the filling of almond paste and whipped cream on a pizza base.

- Then I grate almonds on top. It looks great.

The semla pizza was introduced a month ago. Now it’s becoming more popular than his nutella pizza dessert.

What does salty pizza dough and sweet filling taste like?

- It goes well together. I think it is better than regular semla, says Rami Atou.

It is possible to combine the cinnamon bun and semla, like in Duvanders patisserie, or princess pastry and semla like in Conditori Fantasi and Darins.

The princess semla is a wheat bun with cardamom, with holes for raspberry jam and cream. And marzipan on the outside.

- I think it is popular because everyone loves princess cake, says Alexander Einarsson, Pastry Chef at Conditori Fantasi and Darins.

Jens Duvander found that cinnamon and semla would be a good combination. He cuts off the top of the cinnamon bun and fills the gap with almond paste and cream.

- I think it’s a good fit. Our usual cinnamon buns have almond filling.

For the fourth year, Brödboden has the semla of the week with different flavours, from week 2 to 9.

- The Danish semla with vanilla cream, raspberry jam and chocolate glaze is usually the most popular, says co-owner Christer Särnblad.

The most popular is the classic cream bun, with a smooth wheat bun. All the patisseries Kristianstadsbladet has talked to say the same thing.

- The new innovations are targeting a new generation. There is a lot of hype around semla now. It’s cool, says Henrik Olsson at Axelsson's patisserie.

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