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Rockets fired at ambulance – "There was a bang in the car"

There have been many attacks involving rockets against police and emergency services. Even against an ambulance during an emergency call out. The ambulance was called out on a hoax call. It was fired at with rockets near Vilan and Charlottesborg.
Gangs of youth fire rockets in Gamlegården on New Year's Eve. However, there is no information that ambulances were subject to rocket attacks in Gamlegården.
Foto: Mikael Persson

On New Year's Eve, rockets were fired at an ambulance in Kristianstad on two occasions. Martin Lindgren, a healthcare worker, and his colleague were called out to an emergency situation at an address in Charlottesborg.

– There was supposed to be an unconscious adult but when we were on our way there SOS called us. They said that the patient was already on their way to the hospital.

The ambulance returned to the hospital. Then they received another alarm.

– At the same address. We then suspected that something wasn’t right.

The ambulance was fired at twice. The second time was at the Långebro roundabout. The staff saw a gang of masked young people. They fired rockets at the ambulance and ran away.

– There was a bang in the car. There are no marks on the car, but the rockets were close to hitting us. It could have hit the window pane and exploded.

– We're an ambulance. Why are they firing rockets at us? It's really strange and really awful. This concerns our safety. I don't think this kind of thing happens on a regular day, but do we dare head out without a police escort?

”We're an ambulance. Why are they firing rockets at us? Do we really dare head out without a police escort”, asks Martin Lindgren, a healthcare worker.
Foto: Bertil Enevåg Ericson / TT