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Police at school - classrooms locked

Masked youths were seen outside Söderportgymnasiet. This is the information that the police received. All staff and all students locked themselves in the school premises, a so-called lockdown.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 12 mars 2020
The police did not see anybody at the scene who did not attend the school.
The police did not see anybody at the scene who did not attend the school.Foto: Mikael Persson

It soon became clear that it was a prank.

Police were alerted that masked youths had entered the building at Söderportgymnasiet at around 3 pm, Tuesday. The masked youths did not attend the school.

The police responded to carry out checks. Nobody was injured.

One of the school's principals, Evalotta Enqvist, talked directly about the incident at 3.15 pm.

– I’m sitting in a room with the phone on silent because we’re on lockdown at the school. We have had two masked men outside the school. This is what the police told us, she said.

Just ten minutes later, at 3.25 pm, she was told that the whole thing was a prank.

– Nice. Now we can go out and make sure everyone is okay. Everyone is sitting with an adult somewhere that has informed the students that it was all a joke.

- It was some kind of prank, but it was definitely not funny. It’s sad that someone can do something like this.

Do you think the students were scared?

– The ones that I was sitting with were calm. No one felt any direct threat to them, plus it all happened very quickly. Other than that, it’s sad that it happened, says Evalotta Enqvist.

She says that not so long ago the school had a lockdown drill and that they’re glad they carried out the exercise now.

The police did not file a police report. It’s difficult to prove that a crime has been committed. The police did not see anybody at the scene who did not attend the school.

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