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Pingstkyrkan hands out food coupons

The corona crisis is having a big impact on Pingstkyrkan (the Pentecostal church). Services are broadcast live, and the pastor has started a pod. And now people who need help can get food coupons that are valid in three restaurants.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 22 april 2020
Foto: Andreas Örwall Lovén

– We're not cancelling, we're adapting, says pastor Lasse Bjervås.

– A feeling is growing out of the crisis that we can do something practical and positive for people.

Pingstkyrkan has started ”corona aid”. Members swish donations which are used to buy food coupons. People can collect coupons for four food packages at a time. These can be used in Nicoleta's street-food, Daniela's coffee-shop and Argentinas kök restaurant.

Who are the target groups?

– We are directing our efforts towards everyone who has economic problems. A lot of people are putting up a tremendous fight simply to survive.

Pingstkyrkan's notice on Facebook that food packages are on offer, has been seen by about 2,000 people.

- The problem is that we can't pay so much, and we don't want the restaurants to incur losses because of this, says Lasse Bjervås.


Corona aid

Every Tuesday and Thursday between 1 and 3 pm Pingstkyrkan is open for people who can get coupons for food which they can collect from different restaurants.

If you want to make a contribution, you can swish it to 1233129830. Mark your donation ”corona aid”.

When corona aid is no longer necessary, the money that is left will be transferred to the local food-parcel project organised by Svenska kyrkan, the Church of Sweden.

Here you can read more about Pingstkyrkan Hässleholm

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