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On a fast track in the judicial system

Oskar Zaidmark came during the wave of refugees in autumn 2015. Now he´s doing an internship on a fast track programme for academics in Kristianstad's District Court to learn about the Swedish judicial system.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 19 juli 2019
Oskar Zaidmark
Oskar ZaidmarkFoto: Victor Lindstammer

In May, the 30-year-old lawyer Oskar Zaidmark from Syria began the fast track programme in Kristianstad's District Court. He will be doing an internship there for 6 months.

It provides him with an opportunity to develop himself and his knowledge. He works with various things there, for example he writes protocols during criminal procedures and bankruptcies. In addition, he prepares decisions and handles divorces, and guardianship cases.

Oskar is from Raqqa in Syria which was a central hub for the terrorist organisation IS.

- It was uncomfortable all the time; in Raqqa death was always around the corner.

When he fled, his aim was to get to Sweden, a place his father visited while working. Sweden is a democracy, and he knew of both Olof Palme and Zlatan.

But the trip to Sweden was very difficult.

- You have no choice. It was a very dangerous journey, he says

During the first two years he studied Swedish on his own while he was waiting for his residency permit in Dals Ed. He moved to a family in Ängelholm.

- They are my Swedish family. I thought it would be difficult with my Arab background, but it's just about living, he says.

Oskar is an open, social and hard-working person which helps him develop his Swedish language skills. It requires hard work, he reads all the time, talks and listens. He has been politically active with the Social Democrats and in the election he got a seat in the Municipal Council in Ängelholm, but took a break to start the fast track programme in the District Court.

He dreams of becoming a judge; he has had this dream since he was in Syria and still has.

Oskar Zaidmark

studied law in Syria.

Fast track programme for academics from other countries through the Job Centre to give them an opportunity to work in their professions in Sweden.

Fast track programme in the judicial system has courses in Malmö University and Folkuniversitetet in Swedish legislation and the judiciary.

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