Odd-job service delivers food home to over-70s

Fixartjänst, that is, Pelle Eriksson, Rasmus Knutsson and Tommy Möller.
Fixartjänst, that is, Pelle Eriksson, Rasmus Knutsson and Tommy Möller.
Foto:Marie-Louise Lindell

Fixartjänst (Odd-job service) delivers food home to over-70s. Many elderly people have difficulty in getting to the shops to buy food. Now Fixartjänst and the municipality's serviceteam can bring food items home to them from all the grocery stores in Östra Göinge. Several grocery stores in Kristianstad offer a similar service.

People over 70 should keep social contacts at a minimum to avoid being infected with covid-19.

– The shopkeepers take the orders and payment for them. The municipality organises free delivery to the doorstep, says Ulrika Dahlberg, Östra Göinge municipality.

”We should be able to help everyone who needs help”
Pelle Eriksson, in charge of Fixartjänst

Fixartjänst is a part of "daglig verksamhet". Pelle Eriksson is in charge.

– We visit a lot of our over-70s already. We help to hang up curtains, move things around and fix lamps,

– We have the resources, so we should be able to help everyone who needs help.

The shops decide the day of delivery Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

– It’s a way of helping our elderly, business manager Fredrik Persson emphasises.

Fixartjänst delivers from Coop in Broby to Broby, Knislinge and Hanaskog. The serviceteam delivers from Ica Glimåkra to people living on Boaltvägen, in Glimåkra, Sibbhult, Hjärsås, Värestorp and Immeln.

The shops taking part in the scheme are ICA in Glimåkra and Broby, Coop in Knislinge, Sibbhult and Broby.

In Kristianstad municipality there are several shops that help with delivering food home. You can find a list at www.kristianstad.se/inkop


What to do

1. Phone the shop and send in your order.

2 . The shop says when it can deliver.

3. The municipality comes home to you with your order.

If you live in Glimåkra, Sibbhult, Boalt, Immeln or Östanå, send in your order to ICA Nära in Glimåkra, telephone number 044-421 17.

If you live in Broby, Knislinge or Hanaskog, send in your order to Coop in Broby, Telephone number 010-747 20 34.

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