No rent reduction due to corona - Some real estate companies relaxing the rules

Göingehem AB, i Östra Göinge.
Göingehem AB, i Östra Göinge.
Foto:Bosse Nilsson

Many people are struggling financially because of the corona crisis. If you have a tough time paying the rent, you could get evicted. But not at Göingehem AB.

Radio P4 Kristianstad has sent out a survey to 13 municipal real estate companies in the north and east of Skåne. 12 real estate companies have responded. They say that there is no intention of reducing the rent for tenants during the crisis.

Henrik Loveby,  VD Göingehem
Foto: Joel Sannemalm
Henrik Loveby, VD Göingehem

But several of them, including Båstad, Örkelljungabostäder and Göingehem, responded that they would relax the rules. They will not evict any tenants who have problems paying the rent due to the corona crisis.

- It’s a commendable approach to have because it is a completely exceptional situation, says CEO Henrik Loveby to radio P4 Kristianstad.


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