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Night patrollers call for more volunteers

Since September, volunteers in Gamlegården have patrolled their area at night. In Charlottesborg the night patrols have been ongoing for a couple of months. Now they are looking for more people who want to patrol in the evenings. And sponsors for winter jackets.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 21 januari 2019
Fatema Herzallah, Iman Alsanji, Rania Herzallah, Samira Hussien, Shahera Alazam och Asma Alasmi
Fatema Herzallah, Iman Alsanji, Rania Herzallah, Samira Hussien, Shahera Alazam och Asma AlasmiFoto: Sofyan Aswad

– It feels like we're useful. Many people say it feels safe when we are out in the evenings, says Fatema Herzallah, one of the night patrollers in Näsby.

– It is fun, but also important for the whole of Näsby. We want the teenagers to feel supported and safe, we are not out to get them but to get to know them, says 45-year-old Iman Alsanji, a mother of three children herself.

– There were 12 people when we started, but we are now down to six people. But we have said that we should not give up and will certainly not stop the work, says Fatema Herzallah.

What is the purpose of the night patrol?

– You get to know new people, not least adults. And one can also say that it contributes to integration. Our group also has many people who speak Arabic and Swedish as well as people who speak other languages, says Fatema Herzallah.

Do you think the night patrol contributes to security in the area?

– It can be safer if more adults are out and about in the streets and squares. We want to have adults - caregivers, parents and others - out on the town and socialising with young people and helping and supporting in various ways when needed, says Iman Alsanji.

The night patrollers get many positive reactions.

– And we get enthusiastic cheers. No one thinks that what we are doing is dumb.

– This just feels so great, summarises Iman Alsanji.

– We’re hoping for sponsors so we can get new jackets. Now we have summer jackets so we freeze quite a bit, the women say.

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